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An insight to what data tell us implictly

Posted on 5/9/2022 under data analyst

To all out there involved in data analysis work

Let's us all imagine this hypothetical scenario. 1943, world war 2, chief engineer designer for some aviation corporation in the United States. We design combat aircrafts. Large amount of data collected from surviving aircraft and pilots suggest aircraft usually comes back with many bullet holes damages on these areas.

Data have suggest that more protection are required in these areas to resist enemy fire andi ncrease survivability. 

Or is that really so ?

Preharps, the data tell us otherwise - majority of aircraft that get hits in these areas, they came back. The ones that did not, are they been hit on other areas ? Preharps, data suggest that we should be doing the opposite.

Food for thought. 

"This logical error is still rather popular in modern society. For example, when we talk about developing new business, we often list similar business models that already succeeded. Then we point out the difficulties that these businesses endured to avoid the same mistakes. What this type of thinking makes us forget is that there are tons of similar business models that didn’t make it. We should consider what are the reasons they are not in the market anymore instead of trying to fix and improve models that were already successful"